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We invite you to sign up and become a member HERE to have access to our services. It is the place where you can get all the information and supplies you need. Our site offers many services: The Dementia Quickstart Learning Program; Email Service; the On-Line Dementia Counseling Program; and helpful Supplies and Products.

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Dementia Quickstart Learning Program

The Dementia Quickstart Learning Program is a unique resource to quickly learn the essential skills of caregiving. If you are a Caregiver, you are probably short on time. This Program has been designed especially for people like you in order to quickly engage and learn with an expert. You will gain mastery and confidence. Research shows the benefits of this approach.                 

Lesson 1: What is dementia?
Lesson 2: Caring for the Caregiver
Lesson 3: The Caregivers Daily Actions
Lesson 4: Person Centred Care
Lesson 5: Financial and Practical Planning
Lesson 6: A Friendly Safe Home
Lesson 7: Simple Tips for Caregivers
Lesson 8: Turmeric – What is the Impact on Dementia?
Lesson 9: Coconut Oil? Does it make a difference?
Lesson 10: How Do I Reduce My Risk of Getting Dementia?

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Email Service

Dementia manifests differently in each person. The email service offers the opportunity to get your specific questions asked and answered by an expert dementia nurse.

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Dealing with Dementia Online Counselling Service

Dealing with Dementia is a face to face counselling program with a health care practitioner.  Support can be offered by email or skype and can provide Caregivers specific knowledge and strategies to help people who exhibit signs of memory loss and dementia.  

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Supplies & Products

Here you will find information, products and care items which will be invaluable to you in your caregiver experience.

Personal Care
Books, CDs, Movies
Caregiver Care
Legal Information

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Patricia Mitchell 

Credentialed Mental Health Nurse