Dealing With Dementia


Patricia Mitchell is a Registered Nurse (RN), Master of Mental Health Nursing (MMHN), a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse (CMHN), and has a Certificate of Dementia (Cert Dem).  She has developed a new model of online education and counseling and nursing support for people who believe their aging parents may be encountering dementia. 

The World Health Organization highlights the need for this support because Dementia is at global epidemic proportions, yet it is difficult to negotiate assessment and treatment services.

The first Global Summit on Dementia was championed by David Cameron, Prime Minister of England, who brought together experts and groups whose collective goal was to find a way to find a cure. Some experts even say that the problem is underestimated. Data demonstrates that as the Baby Boomer population grows and ages, there will be an ever increasing need for dementia support, care and counseling than ever before.  Currently, there are more than 50 million people  with dementia worldwide. By 2030, this growth will be exponential unless a cure is found. The best that can be done now is for people to learn about dementia, increase understanding and help people live well. 

Dealing with Dementia is a program designed to offer an alternative to the current expensive practice of face-to-face counseling in an office with a health care practitioner. 

The Dealing with Dementia Program  consists of four elements:  A Members Area, unlimited email support, The Dementia Quickstart Learning Program, and weekly, one hour Skype calls.   The Members' Area provides you access to the newsletters, articles on latest research and other Hot Topics, a Q&A blog, and a free ebook: The Miracle Alzheimers Breakthrough".   The unlimited email support provides you continuous access to answers to your most immediate concerns about how to best provide care to your loved one.  The Dementia Quickstart Learning Program consist of ten 15 minute videos designed to give you, the Caregiver, greater understanding and knowledge about the dementia journey.  The heart of the program is its unique  individual 'one-on-one' counseling service.  All you need is a computer and an internet connection
  Families dealing with an aging parent who has dementia are exposed to incredible challenges that can leave the caregiver feeling frustrated, confused, alone, ineffective and struggling; unsure of which interventions will be best for their parent. These problems can be diminished by an effective counseling and practical support service which brings better health outcomes and harmony and hope back into the family.

Ms. Patricia Mitchell has a long history of assisting individuals with mental health issues, specializing in dementia.  She states:  "My personal experience with my own parents led me to the belief that there had to be a better way.  It has become my goal to assist lay people or non-medically trained people to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively and lovingly provide for their aging parents.  What motivated me to develop these programs was that I could reach more people.    

One benefit of the program is the affordability of receiving qualified help and clear information.  Another benefit is that the program is available to those living too far away to conveniently see a counseler.  They will now have qualified counseling available to them, in-home, at times that fit their schedules.

Ms. Patricia Mitchell is a very experienced and qualified Credentialed Mental Health Nurse, based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. She is the Founder and Director of Good Health and Wellbeing in Aging and Dealing with Dementia. She is an advocate and expert for supporting families who care for people with Dementia and is committed to Older Persons living well.

Bringing Harmony & Hope Back Into Your Family


Patricia Mitchell 

Credentialed Mental Health Nurse